Predictions for 2013

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Well…here it is. These predictions are mostly common sense based… but there are a few ‘revelations’ using my ‘other’ sense:

1 – I have a very strong sense of cataclysmic destruction on the African continent – involving volcanic activity and coastal upheaval resulting in mass migration, possibly from a tsunami event or tidal surge from a massive storm.

2 – 2013 should be an excellent year for those born under the signs of Leo & Taurus. Business & personal relationship opportunities will be available as well as increased respect from others. More than ever, success for the majority of the workforce depends on networking & friends in the right places. The demand for online marketing will continue to increase. It remains the most cost effective way to create brand awareness, increase product demand, and generate leads for a company.

3 – Increased government disruption in Iran. Economic sanctions by the U.S. & the world are cutting deep into the Iranian economy and social order. I don’t expect military attacks on nuclear facilities by the U.S. and/or Israel…but I would not be surprised that the U.S. funds civilian factions within Iran. Islamic fundamentalism has reached a crossroads in the Middle East and those who ignore individual freedoms for their citizens will be left in the dust.

4 – After the ‘fiscal cliff’ and ‘debt ceiling’ nonsense is ironed out (and it eventually will be) I predict a continued steady rise in the U.S. stock market. In fact, I think that there is a very good chance that 2013 can exceed most forecasts. The bond market will remain average at best…though I do believe the Federal Reserve will eventually raise interest rates regardless of their promise not to do so. The forecast for the EuroZone is not so optimistic. A breakup may not occur in 2013…but I feel it will eventually happen despite bail-outs and debt restructuring.

5 – A major government will experience a huge cyber attack during 2013 resulting in worldwide review of defenses, identification of security gaps and the application of new radical safeguards. ‘Ransomware’ is a term that will become more prevalent in 2013. It is operated by encrypting files on a victim’s computer which can only be unlocked by paying the hackers a ‘fine’ or ‘ransom’. It has been a big issue in other countries and will see its way to the U.S. in the very near future.

6 – Renewable energy will start to be seen as an economic force worldwide. Backup battery storage, that charges up batteries for continued use after the wind or sun dies down, looks to be one source of renewable energy that offers a good viable alternative. Japan and China are leading the way in developing this technology…but the U.S. and Europe may surge forward if public utilities start to invest.

7 – I have had an odd ‘feeling’ over the past few years that may lead to a major disclosure in 2013. An undisputable revelation concerning the 9/11 attacks may come forward from an inside source. 2013 will be the year that starts renewal and truth. There may be several stark realities that unfold in our near future…many that could shake our trust in the standard-bearings of our democratic society.

8 – Now some advice: DO NOT start a retail business in a mall or shopping center. Online business is steadily growing because of convenience and the increased connection with social media. There are very few thriving physical retailers these days outside of the daily consumables markets. There just are too many malls in America, and this will only get worse. Form a viable online business plan, build an appealing easy-to-use retail site, purchase an appropriate domain and get established online ASAP. Most online retail sites need a minimum of 6 months to establish web recognition. If you are new to online retailing it may be prudent to invest in a professional service to kick-start the process.

9 – Good luck in 2013 and beyond. Lon*

*Lon Strickler of the ‘Phantoms’ network and ‘Beyond the Edge’ radio, is a paranormal researcher, remote viewer, intuitive and the Spirit Rescue International  Case Manager/VP. Lon lives in Baltimore, MD and works directly with SRI Irene Allen-Block on all cases.

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